About Us

CSI Consulting Inc (CSI) formed in 1996, at its essence an IT Resource organization. Through an innovation and entrepreneurship vortex the company grew twenty fold, uninterrupted by the dot-com implosion. The CSI team comprises of ex Big 5 Management consultants and IT professionals, with groundbreaking track records in the Canadian public and private sectors. Technology driven practices provide vital fuel at CSI to quicker turnaround and response time. Practice managers across technologies and industries were hired to spearhead new initiatives.

Keeping up the growth momentum CSI America, Inc. was set up in 1997 and shortly thereafter CSI India Limited. Offshore development capabilities opened up new horizons for our clients.  Iter8 Incorporated was established in 1998 as the solutions arm of CSI Consulting.

Growth & Expansion plan:
We are a $100 million company. Our projected growth 2008-09 is around 200%. Our current growth rate is 128%. We are penetrating 4 new markets globally this year. We will be increasing our internal employee bandwidth by 300% this fiscal year on a global basis. Diversification will be the key focus for all our group companies. We are also looking into some strategic alliances and seriously considering some acquisitions.