Data Ware Housing & Business Intelligence

Data Ware Housing and Business Intelligence by CSI UK

Data Integration Services
An ideal data management strategy enables an organization to obtain a higher level of understanding into the business activity by integrating the data as well as applications across the entire enterprise. CSI’s DW/BI team work with clients to provide a framework for integrating data from a variety of source systems, including legacy applications, data warehouses/data marts, third party systems, operational systems and web based applications.

CSI has in-house expertise in Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), Enterprise Application Integration (ES-eEnabling), Database Management Services, Meta-data Management, Business Rules Engine and Data Quality.

Data Warehousing Services
With a view to maintain a competitive edge, an organization has to incorporate strategic business processes – ERP, SCM/CRM and business intelligence applications that require effective integration of enterprise-wide data from all source systems to depict a unified view of all the activities throughout the enterprise. Hence, management of the data volumes and the complexity plays a key role to success.

ETL Processes
Data acquisition process plays a key role. Our processes identify the best sources of data (deploying the right tools to extract the data from its primary source system), reconstruct data (if required to do so) and uses effective cleansing process to ensure integrity, type, consistency and elimination of duplication.

Data Repository Management
Our team has a lot of experience building a variety of data repositories including ODS, Data marts, data warehouses and data hubs. We start by creating a Conceptual data model (entity, attributes and relationship) based on business requirements. Thereafter creating the Logical data model and finally the Physical Data model, taking into consideration that data from all functional areas are integrated with a view to support cross-functional analysis. Thereafter, database tuning, model de-normalization and aggregation are performed to support information delivery requirements.

Meta Data Solutions
With a view to ensure easier navigation through an enterprise data system as well as to increase user confidence on data integrity and quality, CSI also offers expertise in developing meta data solutions. Our time tested Meta data solutions capture and store information about the data, processes and applications and also their relationship to one another. This enables users to navigate the data management systems easily as well as be confident of the information integrity.

Our service offerings include strategy assessment, repository evaluation and Meta data repository implementation.

Business Intelligence Solutions
To enable quicker access to the data by users across the enterprise for faster and effective decision support, CSI offers expertise in developing business intelligence solutions which encompasses a variety of approaches and strategies to delivery: Standard Reports, Structured Queries, Ad-Hoc Analysis, and Analytic Applications. Our subject matter experts and CoE leads provide assistance in:

  • Identifying and defining the primary purpose of the information from an enterprise perspective
  • Identifying and profile of the business users
  • Identifying the business information needs of the different business units
  • Formulate the business intelligence requirements for each business unit, which includes reports, query access functionality and data access options
  • Implementation of easy-to-use business intelligence solutions with scalability options

The different technology expertise that CSI’s DW/BI practice carries in-house are in: Informatica, Ascential Data stage, AbInitio, Oracle, SAP BW, SAS, Cognos, Microstrategy, Business Objects and Brio.