Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management Service encompasses services related to monitoring, managing and enhancing performance of a client's IT infrastructure backbone. If your data place or network doesn’t thrive, nor will your business. It’s tough enough to ensure that your business is supported around the clock; attracting the right people, upgrading technology, and ensuring disaster recovery and security can quickly tie up your resources, leaving less time and money to focus on competitive initiatives. Establishing a flexible, responsive infrastructure throughout an organization and managing it cost effectively is a major challenge. CSI escalates costs of maintaining and managing your IT infrastructure also by making sure your systems stay in good shape at the same time. We can design, deploy, and run all aspects of an enterprise’s infrastructure and with a Network Operations Center located in India. We offer 24x7x365 support, and unmatched reliability.

Infrastructure Services by CSI UK


  1. Reduced operating costs through Infrastructure Management
    • Reducing manpower costs involved in maintaining resources on technologies and staffing for peak load
    • Moving the service delivery to a low-cost location
    • Consolidation of IT assets and Service locations
  2. Improve service levels to users
    • Defined processes for IT Service Management adhering to industry standards
    • Automation of the service delivery, using tool