Strategic Staffing

Successful deployment needs skilled, experienced resources to provide quality results. CSI follows a stringent pre-screening process. Our staffing model ensures a match of the right candidate, job and skills to meet and surpass client expectations. What accounts for our exceptional success rate?

CSI consultants are mission critical for success during project implementation and delivery. CSI ensures rigorous pre-screening is done to select the most appropriate candidate prior to presentation to our clients. CSI maintains an experienced recruiting team and senior subject matter experts to research, interview and match candidates to suit client needs.

Strategic Staffing by CSi UK

At CSI we now enter a seamless investigative process: phone and personal screening interviews, background and work reference cross checks, technical evaluations, personality profile checks are conducted. At CSI we conduct the entire gamut of aptitude, written and computer tests, including customer orientation. The commitment level of the candidate is also checked. We thrive on "hard to fill" requirements and send out few select resumes but proudly maintain a high "send out to success" ratio.

Once the contract has been signed we then embark on phase two: CSI's in-house training and skills management group has process guidelines to track the performance of individual consultants on a continuous basis. This is done in a staged manner through the duration of the contract. Finally we depend on obtaining client feedback for improving and maintaining service levels. If a skill gap is identified, CSI then invests in training programs that polish and fine tune the skills of the candidate. The end result is “Strong Performer Consultants” (SPC’s) upgraded and certified to perform to client satisfaction.